Small Groups

PCN Small Groups are a great way to get connected to God, to Each Other, and to His Word.  You are invited to join one or more of these small group studies and connect with fellow believers seeking to grow closer to God.  A brief description of our current course offerings is included for you to review…and get connected!

For additional information regarding any of these classes, contact the church office during normal office hours or click on:  Contact Us.

JOY - Jesus-Others-You
Facilitator: Ila Bowers
Time: Sundays @ 9:00am
This on-going class is based on the Nazarene Adult Bible Study Curriculum. All are welcome.
Location: PCN Room #118

Financial Peace University
Facilitator: Warren Collins
Time: Tuesday @ 6:30pm
Start Date: September 10th
Location: PCN - Conference Room #205

Planning for the future is hard when you’re still paying for the past! Listen—there’s a better way! Financial Peace University is coming to Pat Naz! We will learn how to beat debt and make a plan for the future . . . together! Interested? Join us at Pataskala Nazarene Church on September 10th at 6:30pm.

For more information contact the church office at 740-927-8614. To sign up for the course visit:

Life Lessons Bible Study
The Solomon Secrets: 10 Keys to Your Success
Facilitator: Jim Hale
Day & Time: Wednesdays @ 7:00pm
Start Date: Sept. 18
Location: PCN Conference Room #205 Video Series

"The Solomon Secrets: 10 keys to your success"

Dr. Robert Jeffress tells how living well is experiencing God's best for every area of your life!
Life today is plagued by failed relationships, financial pressure, unmet goals, and dashed dreams. Everybody wants the “good life” … but we’re constantly frustrated by our inability to experience it, even when we energetically pursue all the bestselling methods for achieving success. There must be a better way to live. Yet it seems even those who appear “successful” aren’t truly satisfied. What’s the true secret to genuine success? God has the answers. And you’ll discover them in The Solomon Secrets.

September  18   "The Art of Living Well"
September  25   "If you Don't Know Where You're Going, You Will End Up Somewhere Else."
October        2    "To Succeed More, Fail More"
October       9     "Whatever you earn, spend Less"
October      16    "Listen to the Jerks in Your Life"
October      23    "Graze in Your Own Pasture"
October     30    "You Never Have to Explain What You Don't Say"
November   6    "Keep Your Cool When Things Get Hot"
November  13   "Success Without Succession Is Failure"
November  20   "The Way Up Is Dow"
November  27   No Class before Thanksgiving
December   4   "Fear is Good"

The Book of Galatians
Facilitator: Matt Link
Day & Time: Sundays @ 9:00am
Start Date: Oct. 6
Location: PCN Conference Room #205
Book - Bible

The Book of Galatians– You are invited to come and be a part of an open discussion/study of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the churches in Galatia. As we explore these six short chapters of scripture, we will consider the following themes,

1) Paul’s teaching on the Authority of Scripture.
2) Paul’s teaching that Salvation comes through Faith in Christ alone.
3) The idea of Christian Freedom.
4) The Purpose of God’s Law.
5) The Works of the Flesh vs. The Fruits of the Spirit.
6) The idea of Bearing one another’s Burdens.

Holiness Experienced
Facilitator: Brett Woolard
Day & Time: Sundays @ 6:30pm
Start Date: Oct. 13
Location: PCN - Conference Room #205

God is Holy. Sometimes things are called holy. Christians are supposed to be holy...​

So what does holiness look like in today's world? What makes something or someone holy?​

This class will examine what the Bible says about holiness and how holiness is developed​ and demonstrated in the lives of God's children.  Whether your relationship with Jesus is​ brand new or you have walked with him for many decades, holiness is the goal towards which​ God works in our lives - join us for an exploration of this essential aspect of Christian​ living!

TRANSFORMED: How God Changes Us
Facilitator: Madonna Barker & Lynne Biniker
Day & Time: Mondays @ 6:30pm
Dates: Oct. 7 – Nov. 18

Location: PCN Room #205 Upper Level Conference Rm.

Would you like to become all that God intended you to be? You can, but not on your own power. If you're like most people — every new year — you've tried to make positive changes and then given up or slid back into old destructive patterns. Here's the good news - with God's help you can make and maintain positive changes in every area of your life. Let Pastor Rick show you how unlocking the promises in God's word and following his instructions will transformyour life in seven key areas . . . from the inside out.

Transformed is a journey of eternal significance, as you begin to live in sync with God's will for you in each of the 8 key areas including:

  • Message 1: Setting Personal Goals by Faith
  • Message 2: How to Get Closer to God
  • Message 3: From Stressed to Blessed
  • Message 4: Change Your Life by Changing Your Mind
  • Message 5: How to Deal with How You Feel
  • Message 6: Facing the Fears that Ruin Relationships
  • Message 7: Transforming How I See and Use Money
  • Message 8: Facing Giants in Life and Work

Facilitator: Judy Hale
Day & Time: Tuesdays @ 6:00pm
Dates: Sept. 10th– Dec. 3rd
Location: PCN Conference Room #205

It hurts to lose someone. Find help at GriefShare.
GriefShare is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.GriefShare seminars and support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help. You’ll gain access to valuable GriefShare resources to help you recover from your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life.

Talking Faith and Family with Pastor Gary and Tammy
Facilitator: Pastor Gary
Time: Thursdays @ 6:30pm
Dates: Oct. 17 – Dec. 12
Location: The Reiss Home - 128 Ellington Blvd. Granville

Pulling from a variety or resources, we’ll discuss how our faith informs our marriage and our parenting.

SCOUTING THE DIVINE by Margaret Feinberg
Facilitator: Melissa Dudley
Day & Time: Thursdays @ 6:00pm
Start Date: October 3
Location: PCN Choir Café
Book Cost: $10

Scouting The Divine is a personal spiritual pilgrimage to understand portions of the story of God that may have never been understood before. It’s an intentional search to move from just reading the Bible to being ushered into the story—one that can be touched, tasted, heard, seen and smelled.

We are all “Scouting the Divine” – looking for ways in which God intersects our world in vibrant expressions.

While some dismiss the Bible as a dusty old book, author Margaret Feinberg views its pages a portal to your next adventure. Not only is it chock full of clever plots and compelling stories, but it’s filled with historical insights and literary beauty. Yet, lately, Margaret couldn’t help but notice the gap between the ancient world and our own.

What does it mean to know Jesus as the Good Shepherd when the only place we have encountered sheep are at petting zoos? How can we understand the promise of a land overflowing with honey when we buy ours in a bear-shaped bottle? Is it possible to grasp the urgency of Jesus’ invitation to abide in the vine when we shop for grapes at a local grocery store?

Join a spiritual adventure that moves from reading the Bible to entering stories that can be touched, heard, seen, smelled, and savored – and in the process, discover for yourself the beauty and wonder of Scripture all over again.