A Truman Story Christianity

A Truman Show Christianity 


Have you ever watched the movie The Truman Show? It’s a classic from the 90’s featuring Jim Carrey. Jim Carrey, better known as Truman Burbank in the movie, lived his whole life on a movie set being filmed day and night, not realizing that everything he knew to be true was no more than a facade. His wife was an actress, his house and neighborhood were part of the set, and everyone was in on it except for him. It was not until he realized he wanted more that he learned of all that had been going on. 

Sometimes I wonder if many Christians are going through a similar story. They go to church, spend time with other Christians, listen to sermons, yet are left wanting more. Maybe they claim to know Christ, but are simply accepting a watered down version of the truth, love, freedom, peace, and satisfaction that only deeply knowing Jesus can bring. Does this sound like you?

This Sunday we will be talking through Ephesians 3:14-21.

This is a prayer that Paul offers up to God on behalf of the Ephesians. In this prayer he prays for a filling of Jesus in each believer’s life that will truly open their eyes to the fullness of Christs’ love. 



-Watch a clip of, or the entire movie, The Truman Show

-Read Ephesians 3:14-21

-Create your own prayer for the people in your life


See you Sunday!


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