Inviting God In

This week we will study Psalm 1 and the choice we all have in which life we will live. Our choices are 1) a life of righteousness, or inviting God in… OR 2) a life of wickedness, or leaving God out.

I wanted to share with you a video from a friend of mine, Jennah.  I actually shared a bit about Jennah on Easter Sunday as I was talking about one of my favorite Easter memories. Jennah has an amazing story that demonstrates the power of choosing to live a life that invites God in!
Jennah recorded this video to be used for another church service this week, and I asked her if I could also share it with all of you. (Please do not repost it anywhere.)

I hope it blesses and encourages you! Let it be a reminder to us all of not only how important it is for us to choose a life of righteousness for ourselves, but also how important it is to invite others to live this life as well!

YouTube video

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